MuleSoft Codelabs

A collection of guided labs demonstrating how to build MuleSoft integrations.

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IBM MQ Lab: Advanced Level
Updated Mon Dec 20
An advanced use of IBM MQ.
Send a message to Slack
16 minutesUpdated Tue Jan 25
Setup a Slack bot and send a message from a Mule application.
Client Management with Okta & Anypoint Platform
Updated Thu Apr 07
How to Setup & Demo Client Management with Okta & OpenID Connect-OIDC in Anypoint Platform
Learning OAuth Grant Types
Updated Mon Jun 06
We will learn what OAuth Grant Types are, and implement them in Anypoint Studio with Okta.
Connect with Tableau CRM
9 minutesUpdated Tue May 17
Learn how to load data into Tableau CRM with MuleSoft
Creation of signed JSON Web Tokens
2 minutesUpdated Tue Jul 05
JWT or JSON Web Token is a type of authentication used to connect to applications. For Example in GCP, Service Accounts and Google Cloud SDK, uses JWT authentications to connect to GCP Services.
Publish Flex Gateway Policy to Exchange
7 minutesUpdated Wed Jul 06
Steps to publish a Flex Gateway policy to Exchange
Making OAuth 1.0a HTTP Requests
30 minutesUpdated Mon Jul 11
Making OAuth 1.0a HTTP Requests with MuleSoft (Mule4). DataWeave 2.0 is used to dynamically compute values of OAuth 1.0a components.
How to Catalog, Share and Govern APIs with AWS Gateway
49 minutesUpdated Fri Jul 29
AWS is a popular platform for deploying microservices, but the APIs that provide access easily create problems around governance, duplication of effort etc. Key features of the Anypoint Platform can complement the benefits of the AWS platform, by addressing these customer challenges